Jock McKinley
Albert Finlay
Robert Ryan
Sean O’Brien

Sea of souls I hear you calling
Calling out to me
Sea of souls I hear you calling
What will be will be

Lewis rock, majestic mountain
Hebridean lore
Sea of souls I hear you calling
Crashing to the shore

Someone out there in the darkness
Hold on to this flame
See the light and hold it steady
Keep your head, be brave

Feel the strength of people praying
Watching out for you… (more…)

Tamsin Carroll, Bréon Rydell, Alex Baranowski, London Metropolitan Orchestra, & Magnus Gilljam


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I do believe that I am good and deep inside
I can’t believe the hatred in your mind

I gave up everything to be here by your side and yes
I do accept they were the best the worst of times

I understand I’m now a footnote on a scene
A turning page… oh what a fool I’ve been

I gave you everything every moment of my life
Can’t bare the sight of me don’t worry I’ll survive

Done nothing wrong
Yet I’m the one to blame
What kind of man
Would play this twisted game

I gave you everything all the love that I could find
You’ve had the best of me I’m not guilty of your crime

I understand after all is said and done
I made my choice I could have played it wrong

You bring me emptiness and pain and suffering
No words of tenderness… every moment of my strife…

© 2015 Bréon Rydell

Why must we feel this way must we be afraid of the truth
Cold sweat upon my brow I see their gowns ruby red

Never more to wake up never more to smile
The jury comes before me
The fury of the crowd

Who casts this spell on me keeps on telling me close your eyes
Cold sweat upon my brow who’s on trial now you or I

Never more to wake up never more to smile

The sentence of the senate
A circus full of clowns

Wake up! Wake up!
It’s the opening scene
Build the pyre take your seat


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